Mark Rahman

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Rahman is the Group Chief Financial Officer responsible for achieving the strategic and financial objectives of Impact One. Mark is a US citizen who grew up near Chicago but has been living and working in Germany for the past 19 years. He holds an MBA degree in Strategy and Finance from the University of Chicago.

Mark has worked extensively across the world in both the production and service sectors in the healthcare, retail, life sciences, distribution and manufacturing industries. He is strategic and results-oriented with solid experience and a proven track record of achieving company goals in a variety of global companies. Mark has successfully restructured and turned around major businesses in a global environment with a shared vision and teamwork. 

Mark was the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer for the European business of Henry Schein, the world’s largest pharmaceutical distribution company. Prior to that, Mark was the Executive Vice-President of Finance and CAO for Walmart, and worked for them in the US, Germany, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, and Mexico.

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