Isabella Tommasi

Soil Regeneration Consultant, ReSol

With a multidisciplinary background in agronomy, microbiology, organic chemistry and biochemistry, Isabella started her career in 1994 with various projects of bioremediation in soils, sediments, and wastewater treatments plants. Her experience was built on the confrontation of her scientific training with the realities of ecosystems, from there by combining several technologies she was able to record very positive results. In 1997, she returned to her passion, plants and soils, with microorganisms and bio stimulants as allies, to create ranges of fertilizers and plant protection products accepted in organic farming, for the retail and the professional market. While evolving in her missions, for more than 15 years, she has continued to make soil microbiology more accessible and understandable to all; she has chosen to invest in new agronomic paradigms profoundly changing the common vision of plants and soils: agronomy with carbon at the heart of living soils, the pH/redox couple as indicators of soil and plant health, a systemic approach that considers plants as holobionts, and biology at the centre of all agronomic actions.

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