Christoph Roth

Agroforesty Consultant, ReSol

Christoph “touched” down” in Africa for the first time in 1976. Since then he spent time in 75 different countries during his many work-related activities before returning to Switzerland in 1998 where he worked in IT as software architect and provided custom process solutions for many Fortune500 multinationals. In 2007 he moved back to Africa and since then he’s been active in the supply chain business, learning the ropes on the ground, working with farmers, cooperatives, transporters and exporters he became an expert in various industry’s value chains such as coffee, cocoa, palm oil, coconut, exotic fruit and cash crops. Christoph’s interest in farmer resilience, sound environment, water, healthy soils and nutrient-dense food production brought him to work with well-known agroecology and agroforestry experts and support international organizations and companies all over Africa, promoting, designing, and implementing resilient, highly profitable agroforestry systems for small holders as well as for industrial plantations.

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