Marc Spiegler

Board Member
Marc Spiegler led Art Basel as its global director from 2012 to 2022, having joined the organization as co-director in 2007. His tenure included the launch of Art Basel Hong Kong in 2013, Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires in 2018 and Paris+ par Art Basel

in 2022, along with Art Basel’s expansion into broader art-world activities and its digital initiatives. Since stepping down at Art Basel, he has been building towards a portfolio of projects including board seats and strategic consulting across a broad range of regions and cultural entities. This includes Superblue, where Marc is now a member of the Board of Directors. Born in Oxford in 1968, the Franco-American is a long-term visiting professor in cultural management at Milan’s Bocconi University.

Mark Rahman

Chief Financial Officer
Mark Rahman is the Group Chief Financial Officer responsible for achieving the strategic and financial objectives of Impact One. Mark is a US citizen who grew up near Chicago but has been living and working in Germany for the past 19 years.

He holds an MBA degree in Strategy and Finance from the University of Chicago. Mark is an experienced global finance and strategy executive who has worked extensively across the world in both the production and service sectors in the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries. He is strategic and results-oriented with solid experience and proven track record of achieving company goals in a variety of global companies. Mark has successfully restructured and turned around major businesses in a global environment with shared vision and teamwork. His experience encompasses global retail, life sciences, manufacturing, and distribution industries. Mark was the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer for the European business of Henry Schein, the world’s largest pharmaceutical distribution company. Prior to that, Mark was the Executive Vice-President Finance and CAO for Walmart, and worked for them in the US, Germany, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, and Mexico.

Mikolaj Sekutowicz

Founder and CEO
Mikolaj Sekutowicz is a leader in impact investment across the wellbeing, environmental and arts & culture sectors. Having been instrumental in the transformation of Therme Group from a national enterprise into a global wellbeing leader

Mikolaj co-initiated its global expansion totaling investments of $1B+ under development. Focusing on nature positive solutions for urban environments, Mikolaj co-founded Impact One to champion the reintegration of nature, the safeguarding of biodiversity and the development of a new asset class of Wellbeing Infrastructure. With 20+ years of experience in arts and culture, he also leads on high profile investments, including into the flagship experiential arts company Superblue, among others.

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