Impact One has demonstrated its commitment to advancing the quality and culture of our living environments by formally signing the Davos Baukultur Alliance. This significant step was taken during the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale, which was inaugurated by Swiss President Alain Berset and hosted by UNESCO. The alliance, initiated by the World Economic Forum, brings together public and private sector stakeholders to improve the planning, construction, and management of buildings, infrastructure, public spaces, and landscapes.
Impact One’s focus on well-being-oriented infrastructure and cultural projects uniquely positions it to contribute to the Baukultur Alliance. By joining the Baukultur Alliance, the company aims to promote a conscious and quality-oriented approach to urban planning, construction and management. Their involvement will help shape the alliance’s focus on three key areas: Resilience & Climate Adaptation, Sustainability & Circularity, and Affordability & Social Value Creation.
The panelists engaged in a constructive dialogue exploring ways in which government, business, and civil society leaders can collaboratively advance a quality-oriented approach to planning, construction, and community management. This approach seeks to honour history and culture while also placing a strong emphasis on affordability.
Luc Emile Bouche-Florin, the Honorary President of ECTP-CEU and official representative to the Council of Europe, along with Marta Cavallé, the Head of Architecture Programme at Therme Art, shared their ideas and proposals during the breakout sessions on Resilience & Climate Adaptation. Estonia, Bouygues Bâtiment International, and the Conference of INGOs led this session, presenting specific activities that the Alliance can carry out to address the challenges of extreme weather and natural disasters, foster resilient communities, and adapt to climate change. These endeavours are in line with the objective of promoting high-quality Baukultur.
As one of the initial members of the Davos Baukultur Alliance, Impact One representatives contributed their insights and perspectives to shape the alliance’s priority areas for its inaugural year. This collaboration underscores Impact One’s commitment to driving positive change in the built environment.
Furthermore in February 2023, Impact One solidified their dedication to sustainable urban transformation by signing a long- term Platform Partnership with the World Economic Forum. Through this partnership, they aim to contribute to various initiatives and publications of the Forum, with a particular focus on the Urban Transformation Hub and the Nature-Positive Cities platform. Additionally, their membership in the Global Collaboration Village, the metaverse of the World Economic Forum, further emphasises their commitment to fostering global collaboration for positive change.
Speakers delivered presentations highlighting specific projects that exemplify the successful implementation of high-quality Baukultur worldwide.

Impact One Joins the Davos Baukultur Alliance

Impact One Joins the World Economic Forum Davos Baukultur Alliance

Therme Group and Impact One have officially joined the Davos Baukultur Alliance, an initiative led by the World Economic Forum. The inaugural meeting of the Alliance took place during the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale, where Swiss President Alain Berset presided over the event hosted by UNESCO.
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