Impact One Management LLC

Impact One Management LLC is a specialist advisory firm in providing tailored services to businesses and institutions seeking to develop impactful initiatives in the realms of urban development, education, and wellbeing. Our consultancy offers comprehensive expertise in project and event management, partnership cultivation, and art curation throughout North America and beyond.

About Us

At the core of our vision and operations lies the concept of the nature-positive city: urban landscapes that are regenerative ecosystems, minimizing harm, benefiting humans and restoring the environment. Impact One offers infrastructure and construction industries transformational paths forward. Deploying systemic nature-based solutions to grow cities rather than build them, cities can turn from environmental threats into drivers of ecosystem protection and regeneration.

What We Do

Impact One specializes in project management and integrating nature-based solutions into large-scale infrastructure and real estate projects, leading innovation with a proven record of excellence. Our expertise includes environmental impact assessments and ecosystem design, ensuring sustainability and social benefit. Through meticulous planning, Impact One creates resilient urban environments, setting the standard for responsible development and leaving a lasting positive legacy.

1. Technical & Analytical Capacities

Impact One’s ecosystem and urban design expertise is grounded in a deep evidence-based environmental knowledge of geotechnical engineering, local ecosystems, and micro- and macro-climate research that ensures accurate, data-driven decision-making. Our sustainable infrastructure planning capabilities encompass civil engineering, site redevelopment, and energy planning, optimized for resilience through the integration of technological innovations.

Environmental Consultancy

  • Ecosystem analysis and management planning
  • Micro- and macro-climate impact studies

2. Collaborative Capacities

Our innovative design thinking is evidenced in the ability to envision and articulate designs that integrate the natural environments with the One Health concept at its core. This approach is enriched through partnerships with research institutions and ecosystem design entities, facilitating soil and microbiome analysis and regeneration, as well as forest design. These collaborations ensure that our solutions enhance quality of life while adhering to international sustainability standards.

Design and Conceptualization

  • Urban and ecosystem design integrating One Health concepts
  • Visionary planning that merges built and natural environments

Research and Development Collaborations

  • Partnerships with academic and research institutions
  • Soil & microbiome regeneration projects

3. Project Implementation & Monitoring

Comprehensive project management spans from initial assessments to application, monitoring and management, with a focus on ecosystem design strategies implemented for community engagement and nature-positive impact. Our impact assessment leverages an advanced metrics system to monitor environmental, social, and economic outcomes, providing tangible evidence of our capacity to deliver successful projects—evidenced by increased biodiversity, and improved community health.

Comprehensive Project Management

  • From initial assessments and planning to implementation
  • Community engagement and inclusive project development

Impact Assessment and Monitoring

  • Advanced metrics for tracking environmental, social, and economic impacts

4. Global Engagement

Impact One is guided by an extensive global engagement programme, that includes long-term partnerships with independent third-party institutions and regular contributions on the occasion of the Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC. These are commitments to accelerate the shift towards sustainable and regenerative infrastructure development (based on the ecosystem design). Impact One serves as an intersection for its extended partnerships to engage with such global multilateral and interdisciplinary organizations.

Strategic Global Partnerships

  • Collaboration with international bodies like the WEF, Future Investment Initiative (FII) and other multilateral entities
  • Regenerative infrastructure advocacy, promoting sustainable and regenerative practices in infrastructure development

Communications and PR

  • Dissemination of the progress of nature-forward ecosystem design as part of a communications and PR strategy

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