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From Building to Growing Cities

Redefining Infrastructure


At the core of its vision and operations lies the concept of the nature-positive city. Impact One’s goal is to transform urban landscapes into regenerative ecosystems that minimise harm, benefit humans and restore the environment.

Centralising nature-based assets and services to create wellbeing cities, Impact One offers infrastructure and construction industries transformational paths forward. Deploying systemic nature-based solutions to grow cities rather than build them, cities can turn from environmental threats into drivers of ecosystem protection and regeneration.

An innovative approach to urban and regional ecosystem regeneration with nature-based solutions and afforestation

World-class expertise in architecture and engineering, supported by leaders in heating and cooling technologies

Implementing the first health and nature-positive construction approach with full compensation of emissions across buildings’ entire lifecycles

Developing and operating fully integrated urban destinations for healthy and sustainable communities

World leader for botanical applications in functional spaces with full integration of plants indoor and outdoor systems

Proprietary models of fully sustainable energy production using geothermal, cogeneration and small nuclear reactors

A Shift in Balance

In 2020, we reached the tipping point where global human-made mass exceeded all living biomass, disrupting the balance of the living systems that regulate the Earth.

Humans make up only 0,01% of the mass of living beings on Earth, yet 2020 marked the turning point at which the mass of human-produced objects (excluding waste) became greater than the world’s total biomass.

Plants, essential to creating life-supporting conditions on our planet, are being replaced in cities by inert artificial matter.

From Urban Development to Ecosystem Design

Impact One seeks to redefine anthropogenic impact on ecosystems through existing evidence-based and scalable green infrastructure and ecosystem restoration solutions. Recognising the benefits of biodiversity in our surroundings, Impact One suggests alternative models for sustainable urbanisation, while remaining committed to the preservation of existing environments.

Full Lifecycle Impact Design

Impact One monitors ecosystem services by leveraging technology and collective intelligence on comprehensive digital platforms to assess the positive and negative impacts of urban development, nature-based and biodiversity projects.

1. Coordinating research that focuses on health, wellbeing and technological innovation

2.  Targeting urban development projects aimed at redesigning cities that promote human and planetary health

3.  Accounting of ecosystem services as public infrastructure to ensure climate positive investments 

4.  Assessing the full environmental and human health impact of new developments and infrastructure

5.  Compensating the complete lifecycle impact of built infrastructure beyond ESGs

6.  Building spaces that fulfill health-promoting conditions with full atmospheric control

7.  Ensuring the optimal day-to-day conditions of operations and general project maintenance 

8.  Partnering with leading platforms on impact communication and climate change to contribute to regulations

We call it
Wellbeing Infrastructure

Impact One creates nature-positive urban solutions based on scientific evidence. Drawing on the One Health concept, the developed environments are species-specific, symbiotic with nature and lead to the improved, interconnected health of humans, animals and plants. 

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